5 Reasons Secondary School Girls Are Having Boyfriends

Things are changing swiftly, and it seems the world is becoming more and more corrupt. When we were kids, there are certain things we can’t do (or even have access to). Nevertheless, the opposite is the case in today’s society.

Today, you see young secondary school students indulging in things some university students of those days didn’t even do. In this article, we will be discussing why some secondary school girls are having boyfriends.

It’s unfortunate that rather than concentrating on their education and building their future, they are already messing up themselves with guys.

Unfortunately, some of them ended up dropping out of school due to reasons like:

– unwanted pregnancy and premature motherhood
– death, as a result of complications that came up while trying to abort their baby
– embracing the lies told by their so-called boyfriend, and ending up embracing a life of mediocrity (think about young girls that ran away from their parent’s house to suffer with a stupid guy somewhere).
– Etc.

Now, let’s see some of the factors bringing these things in the first place:

1. Lack Of Proper Home Training:
Everyone knows that many parents today are terrible people who have no business bringing children into this world in the first place. I mean, how will you give birth to children, and you don’t care about what they become? Such parents don’t have time to train their girls and such girls grew without direction. Such girls ended up without dignity, and even see nothing wrong with messing around.

2. Youthful Exuberance
Well, many secondary school girls (even those that are from strict homes) are simply exhibiting youthful exuberance. Young chaps are still young (and foolish), and they usually act without thinking about the repercussions of their actions.

3. Not To Be Left Out
For some girls, they do stuff because their classmate are doing it, and they don’t want to be left out. This is a good reason parents must teach their girls to be confident and independent – not to follow the crowd to do something bad.

4. Peer Pressure
Some girls were originally not interested in such things, but found themselves there because they were forced by their friends. Hence, our girls must be taught to be careful with those that associate with. They should run from the “bad girls crew”.

5. Lack Of Essential Things
Some girls started messing themselves with boys because they need money to take care of themselves. Hence, parents should strive providing for their daughters, so they won’t need anything from any stupid guy (who will want to take advantage of her situation to mess her body).

In conclusion, please, parents should take good care of their daughters. Many secondary school students are exposed to terrible things today. Always follow the day to day activities of your daughter, so she won’t bring shame and disgrace to you


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