My Advise To Anyone Buying A Nigerian Used Car Now

With the current rate of purchasing a Tokunbo vehicle and people opting for a Nigerian used vehicles, here are some important things to note before making that purchase.

1. Make sure the seller you’re buying from has an identity, you don’t just buy from a random person with no link to anyone or anywhere so you won’t be buying a stolen vehicle. Do your due diligence before buying a Nigerian used car. 

2. When inspecting, take your “trusted” mechanic along, don’t depend on your own little knowledge about cars to make a purchase, look under the vehicle for any rust make you no go buy “panda or” lowe” (that word is for the street for useless or fake stuff 



3. Check the vehicle papers very well, ask for the custom papers, make sure all documents are intact. From the vehicle papers, check the VIN/Chassis Number written or inscribed on the windshield, engine hood and door sides if they correlate with the one on the documents, most people register vehicles with a lot discrepancies, if they don’t correlate na wahala be that oo(though I can help you rectify that but e go cost you some money).

4. Try and negotiate the cost of processing your change of ownership and registration fees along when you’re dealing and negotiating with the seller, the cost of changing ownership with due process is on the high side now as you know the FG has increased the price of number plates across the nation. 

5. After making payment, make sure you both sign an agreement for and purchase receipt to legally show your transaction and the amount you bought it.

6. After doing the 5 above, you can now contact oga VD for your proper vehicle registration  


. Thank you

Check my signature for your vehicle documents needs, fast, reliable and hassle free. May your vehicle never be your coffin, may the Good God keep you safe as you cruise around with your ride from known and unknown danger.

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