NECO GCE 2021 Biology Practical Question And Answer Now Available

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A – Toad
B – Tilapia Fish
C – Bird

II – Parotid gland
III – Toes
V – Caudal fin
VI – Operculum

VI – Beak: helps them in gathering,catching,eating food also for feeding and protecting their young ones
VIII – Ear covert: It protects the ear

A – Amphibia
B – Pisces
C – Aves

(i) Not entirely aquatic, but most of the larval stages live in water and move to land
(ii) Respiration takes place through lungs mainly.
(iii) Metamorphosis is common

(i) Entirely aquatic
(ii) Respiration mainly through gills, except lungfishes
(iii) Metamorphosis is very rare

Fresh water

I – Bell jar
II – Polythene bag
III – Potted plant
IV – Water droplets

II – It prevents the output of respiration by soil organisms
III – To produce droplets of liquid

To show that transpiration do not occur in dead plants

(i) Cooling effect
(ii) Translocation of mineral salts
(iii) Good growth of the plant

Experiment to show that carbon (IV) oxide is necessary for photosynthesis

It Prevent the leakage of air into and out of the Bell jar by inverting it over a glass sheet

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