Today is World Teachers Day, Let’s celebrate them

Today, October 5th is globally recognized as World Teachers Day. It is a day set aside annually to celebrate and felicitate with teachers worldwide. It is indeed a great privilege to celebrate teachers for their roles in the growth and development of every child.

We would like to dedicate this thread to appreciate all the teachers who at one point or the other played a vital role in making us a better version of ourselves.

So feel free to drop a word of appreciation to all the teachers that have helped shape your life in one way or the other. You can mention their names if you still remember. You can equally mention any specific role they played (if any) that has remained a part of you till now.

To all the teachers all over the world, we say thank you. You guys are the real MVPs. We pray you enjoy your reward not only in heaven as they say but also here on earth.

Let’s go!

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