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(Number 1)

Land tenure system is defined as the system of land ownership or acquisition by individual,family ,community or government agency either for temporary or permanent use.

(i)Communal land tenure
(ii)Land tenure by inheritance
(iii)Leasehold system
(iv)Land tenure by tenancy
(v)Land tenure by purchase or freehold
(vi)Land tenure by free gift or pledge

(i)Farmers should be educated to accept modern systems of farming especially in the areas of mechanism

(ii)Government should provide loans to enable farmers to purchase farm machines

(iii)The land tenure system should be reviewed to enable farmers to acquire large hectares of land

(iv)Farmers should form co operative societies to enable them to pool their resources together to buy farm machines

(v)Government should establish agricultural engineering schools or institutions to train personnel and fabricate simple machines


Groundnut require a coarse texture sandy- loamy soil,which is slightly acidic to neutral,that is ,PH range of 5-7. The soil should be rich in calcium and phosphorus which are needed for pod formation.

Method of propagation is By seeds

(i)40-60cm × 20cm for the creeping type
(ii)60cm × 15cm for the bunch type

(Choose Two)
(i)Groundnut rosette disease
(ii)Tikka disease
(iii)Aspergillsis Havus

Harvesting is done when the lower leaves turn brown and begins to fall. Harvesting is done by using native hoes or by pulling the plants up by hand

(i)Drid groundnut can be stored in clean rhumbus or silos
(ii)The unshelled pods are stored in sacks while the shelled nuts are stored in bags

Agricultural pollution is defined as release of toxic or harmful substance into the environment by neutral forces or man and other animals to an extent that causes biological damages to man and his resources

(i)Air pollution
(ii)Water pollution
(iii)Land pollution
(iv)Noise pollution

(Choose Any Four)
(i)Some beneficial insects and soil organisms may be destroyed
(ii)The chemical used may be toxic to man and domestic animals
(iii)It may leave undesirable residue in the environment
(iv)Some areas washed out of soil to rivers and stream where they can endanger aquatic life and cause pollution
(v)empty containers could be a source of poisoning when used as containers for consumable


Plant population = land area/planting distance x number of plant per stand/1

1 hectare = 10000m2
.:. 3.6 hectare = 3.6 x 10000
= 36000m

1m = 100cm
36000m = 36000 x 100 = 3600000

Using the formular
3600000/3600 x 1/1
= 1000
= 1000 seedlings

(i) It keeps the fruits above the ground.
(ii) It helps in producing healthy fruits.
(iii) There are comparatively loss chances from incidence of pests when tomato plant is staked

Physical Factors:
(i) soil fertility
(ii) soil drainage
(iii) slope angle

Economic Factors:
(i) distance from markets
(ii) demand for different uses.
(iii) Transport facilities

(i) barberry
(ii) lavender
(iii) beech
(iv) hemlock


(i) To allow oxygen in the pond
(ii) To allow sun penetration
(iii) To prevent the build of pest and diseases

(i) for prevention of soil
(ii) it helps wash improvement of fish
(iii) to make water clean

(i) to reduce acidity
(ii) to improve water fertilization
(iii) to prevent sepals

(i) lining method
(ii) Netting method
(iii) fishing trawlers

(i) availability of seed stuff
(ii) digestive system in the animal
(iii) stages of production

(i) Bush burning
(ii) Overgrazing
(iii) Indiscriminate felling of trees


Balance sheet as at 31t december, 2016

Liability | N K | Asset | N K
Loan|300,000.00|Dam |120,000.00
Dep. of dam|92,000.00|Cash at hand|110,000.00
|Cash in hand|60,000.00
Net capital|120,000.00|Feed in stock|50,000.00
|692,000.00| |692,000.00

Agricultural extension is a system of disseminating information from the research institute to the farmers within shortest possible time

(i) He provides agricltural consultancy
(ii) He liases with other agencies
(iii) He assists in improving farmers outlook
(iv) He locates marketing channels
(v) He supervises agricultural loan usage

(i) Capsid
(ii) White flies


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