Missing UNIPORT Student Found Dead, Killed By Boyfriend (Graphic Photos)

The lifeless body of Otuene Justina Nkang, a young woman who had been declared missing for several days, has been discovered.

Shockingly, allegations surrounding her disappearance suggest that she was murdered by her supposed boyfriend, known only as Collins.

According to sources gathered by Trendygists, Collins, the young man in question, is alleged to be involved in online fraud activities commonly referred to as “yahoo yahoo” and even accused of having connections to ritualistic practices.

A source close to the matter confirmed that Otuene Justina Nkang had met a tragic end and had reportedly been brutally slaughtered by her alleged boyfriend, Collins.

Further investigations revealed that Collins was apprehended by Estate security while attempting to dispose of the lifeless body of the victim. Reports says he cut out some of her vital organs before trying to dispose her body which was already decomposing.

At the time of discovery, he had already wrapped her body into a polythene bag and was intending to dispose the body.

It has also been learned that the deceased, Otuene Justina Nkang, was a 300-level student at the University of Port Harcourt in Rivers State.

This distressing incident follows the reports of Otuene Justina Nkang’s mysterious disappearance just three days ago.

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