Waec 2022 Animal Husbandry Practical Question & Answer Nw Available.

A – Centrosema Pubescent
B – Panicum maximum

(i) It increases the fertility of the soil
(ii) It gives farm animals a balanced ration
(iii) It serves as cover crops
(iv) It reduces cost of feeding

(i) Fencing
(ii) Fertilizer application
(iii) Burning
(iv) Weeding

(i) Sweet clover
(ii) White clover

(i) Fresh form – Silage
(ii) Dried form – Hay
(iii) Fermented form – Supplement

(i) It is used to replace butter fat in milk replacers for feeding young animals
(ii) Vitamin

(i) Protein
(ii) Keratin
(i) Garden tools
(ii) Combs
(i) Feather fans
(ii) Flowers

(i) It causes oedema
(ii) It causes ascites

(i) Sorghum
(ii) Millet
(iii) Wheat
(iv) Rice grain
(v) Barley

G – Mineral
H – Carbohydrate
J – Vitamin

(i) It supply them with mineral
(ii) It keeps livestock healthy

(i) It causes oedema
(ii) It causes ascites

(i) Sorghum
(ii) Pearl millet
(iii) Barley
(iv) Wheat
(v) Rice grain

(i) It causes contamination
(ii) It reduces in quality
(iii) Aflatoxin content of it increases

(i) Free drinking water
(ii) Water contained in food
(iii) Metabolic water produced by oxidation of organic nutrients
(iv) Irrigation

(i) Waste elimination
(ii) It plays an essential role in every aspect of metabolism
(iii) Food digestion
(iv) It is critical to the regulation of the birds body temperature

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