12 Differences Between A WIFE And A GIRLFRIEND

A) A wife fulfills our wishes as her dream. A girlfriend wants to fulfill her demands as a compulsory duty.

B) A wife loves us freely without being selfish. A girlfriend pretends to love us totally.

C) When a wife demands something and we forget to attend to it, she says, “Don’t worry. Next time, do it”; but a girlfriend will get mad at you.

D) When it is getting late and we haven’t arrived home, our wives get worried and want to know what is happening to us. But a girlfriend pretends to care, especially when we are in her presence.

E) A wife first asks about our welfare, but a girlfriend first asks about her gifts.

F) A wife makes God to be happy with us, but girlfriends make God to be unhappy with us.

G) A wife helps us, prays for us and saves us from many evils; but a girlfriend engages us in many evils.

H) A wife loves us even in the worst times of our life, but a girlfriend will leave us in the lurch.

I) A wife tries her best to understand our mistakes and problems, but a girlfriend doesn’t.

J) A wife is always ready to do anything for us, but not girlfriends.

K) A wife is our permanent lover, but girlfriends are temporary.

L) A wife helps us to make heaven, but girlfriends help us to get to hell fire!

So, dear husband, love your wife as she deserves it.

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