ChatGPT Is Down

ChatGPT had seemingly recovered from what OpenAI described as a “major outage” earlier today, which hit millions of users of worldwide. But now it seems the chatbot has run into issues again, with OpenAI again stating that it’s “unavailable for some users”.

Reports of today’s ChatGPT issues first started at around 2.30am ET / 7.30am BDT / 4.30pm AEST on June 4. OpenAI acknowledged that there was a big issue, with the company’s status page reporting for several hours that its AI sidekick was unavailable.

OpenAI then pushed out a fix at around 7.30am ET / 12.30pm BST / 4.30pm AEST, with the service’s status returning to a healthier “all systems operational”. But it seems the fix hasn’t completely done the job, with many users on social media complaining that they can’t access the service – and OpenAI confirming that there again issues.

OpenAI hasn’t yet commented on exactly what’s causing ChatGPT’s biggest outage of 2024.

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