Five Lessons learnt From Davido And Portable In Osun Election


either you like it or not, I became a fan of portable when he came out last week to disclose that he was paid the first time to say awful things about his party and the party he was paid to discredit.. had to double his payment before he finally switched his allegiance to them fully… dude is an entertainer not a politician, he’s hustling so I really didn’t blame him, I only blame people who allows themselves to be influenced by celebrities when casting their votes. so portable secured his belly before any other thing.. which is allowed..
man must wack in any situation.

who else got the big names in osun State if not the Adelekes… sorta like dantata of kano state or the otedolas, the Adelekes held their ground tight this time around all thanks to the influence of their proud son Davido.. even though he’s a cousin, dude campaigned as if he’s the one entering into that office or it was his bro.. it’s is uncle..congrats to them they finally did it… becoming the first citizens of osun State, if davido is walking with 3 policemen before, it’ just turned to 5 policemen. you gerit?…if you don’t get it.. forget about it. smile m.. they need to work and not fail those who trusted them with that office… and it shouldn’t be controlled like a FAMILY affair.. people are watching


we saw video clips, text messages and chats of people who took some payments slip from some parties and went ahead to vote for their own trustworthy candidates they had in their minds, kudos…I was very happy when I heard the news…it shows we the citizens are waking up.. standing and fighting for a better nigeria..we can longer be manipulated.


just because a party saw that their rival had a top celebrity star at their back (Davido) they had to go recruit another upcoming star to stand for them (portable) but they forget, you can’t compare someone who has been in the game so long with someone that just came in…the margin is far wide.. and still remember people who have who they believed in and who they trust.. without money involved.


forget those beef spiralling up with davido and portable, unfollowing rumour and all… you can see the congratulating text portable sent out to the incoming governor… politics is just a game…but music is ties, after all this… both pair still gon chill in ac filled with drinks.. while they gives themselves accolades… cashing out to the banks one way or the other.
don’t be surprised you hear a collaboration on a track soon that’s going to be a smashing hit from both of them..

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