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INSTRUCTIONS: Answer Only One (1) Question from this Section.

A Defective Education System; The Nigeria’s education system does not prioritize reading for general acquisition of knowledge rather it prioritizes reading for passing examinations. Most students read to pass examination. Some students have even resorted to cramming in order to pass examinations. To make matters worse, some teachers want their students to write verbatim in examination. This is a wrong approach to reading and does not help one or a society to develop.
The implication is that the students will pass the exams very well but the knowledge is not there, because a few minutes after exams they can’t answer same question.

Libraries; Some actually have a building that is labelled “library” but without books and library personnel. Some libraries are stocked with outdated books or reading materials. Most students do not go to libraries these days to read or do their assignments. Some go there to write or copy notes, which ordinarily should not be the main reason.

Poor quality teachers; This is quite pathetic considering the fact that to a large extent, the quality of the teachers determines the quality of the students. Teachers are role models to their students, if teachers cannot read fluently how can the students?

Poverty; Poverty is also responsible for the prevailing poor reading culture in Nigeria. Developing a reading culture is more than buying and reading just a book, and reading repeatedly. It costs a lot of money to buy books. Some parent cannot afford school fees, let alone buying books for their children to read.
Where one does not have books to read, developing a reading culture becomes difficult. Some therefore make the decision to indulge in examination mal-practice as the only way.

The above mentioned factors can be solved through the following ways.

Government; Government at all levels should promote a good reading culture by establishing standard public libraries because not everybody has access to school libraries. In most cases, school libraries are highly restricted to students. Also, not all schools have functional libraries. Therefore, the establishment of public libraries will help those who are not in school and students whose schools do not have functional libraries.

Qualified teachers; government should employ qualified teachers to teach. If those who are not well educated are certified and employ this will not give the desired result for the future, government can also organize workshop, and trainings for it teachers.

Schools; School should make it compulsory for students to go to the library to do some readings or assignment. Schools should create a reading hour on the timetable, organize reading competitions, and especially inter-school competitions.

Parents; Parents needs to encourage their children to develop a positive attitude toward reading. To this end, parents should include in their budget reading materials for their children.

The students; Students must prioritize reading by developing a positive attitude towards it. They should see reading as natural as play, make it a hobby, and devote their time to reading good books.
All hands must be on deck for a good reading culture to be promoted among Nigerian students. The Parents, the students, the teachers and the Government must play their roles in ensuring that this is done. The students must not be lazy; they must be ready to read at all times
A1 Int’l School,
Ikeja, Lagos,
27th July, 2022.

The Honorable,
South local Government office,
Ikeja Lagos,

Dear sir,


My name is Peter Obi and I am writing to you on behalf of the youth development of our community. We are writing this letter to congratulate you as the new elected chairman of the well-known and Successful local government (Ikeja). I was so happy to hear the news, and I wanted to congratulate you immediately on this rare achievement.
After hearing your good news, I know that I had to contact you immediately and after my heartiest congratulations, you have proved that you can do things that you want to. I have see your hardwork and commitment over the years, as well as your selfless dedication to this community. I believe that you are the most deserving candidate for this post of chairman. My colleagues who know you well, Will agree with me about my opinion that you are worthy of this honorable position. You have Always demonstrate integrity in your work by setting high standar example for yourself and others.
I must add that your loyalty, Hardwork and dedication have finally paid off. I am sure you will continue to do great things in life and achieve even greater things in the coming years
Ikeja us one of the most popular local government in our state. It has large landmass, Larger than most other local Governments. it is a popular tourist attractions, but we does have some problems, as the president of the youth development association of the community over the last few years, the community of Ikeja has been suffering through a severe economic downturn. The result of this is that our youth have trouble getting jobs and many of them travel over an hour from nearby cities to work. Our schools are underfunded, and they cannot provide the best Education to our children. The state allocate a smaller amount of money per student than any other state in the country. The result of these issues is crime, poverty and a struggling economy. For example: There are only two grocery stores left in our city, one which closed last week. This leaves many people without a place to buy healthy food, which leads to disease and health problems later in life. Because there are fewer jobs available, many teens drop out of school in order to support their families. In turn, this low education level causes our unemployment rate to be higher than the nation average. There are also no jobs for high school graduates who want an entry-level position that will lead to something better down the road. A lot of youth turn to crime because it is all they can find. There are not many opportunities for people with criminal records either. Stealing is an easy way for youth who live in the community.
We the youth of this community elected you as our chairman because we know you are good and capable leader who will be able to solve our problem.

Yours faithfully,
Prof Michael.
One day in a sixth grade class there was a student named Daniel. He was a really bright student and was loved by all his teachers. Though he wasn’t that active in class discussions but did a good performance in his papers. There was another boy named Bayo. He wasn’t that good in academics but always shows off telling he was better than Daniel. Bayo also makes fun of Daniel’s silent nature and pulled him for verbal wars many times. Although Bayo was boasting but Daniel never bothered.
One monday, during the Social Science period there was a quiz held. Both Daniel and Bayo were in different teams. Bayo’s team was getting easy questions but Bayo was the first one to shout out the answer without discussing with his team mates. And all the answers he provided were wrong. In the other hand, Daniel was confident about all the answers but discussed with his team mates and gave chance for his friends to answer.
The first question asked by the teacher to Daniel’s team was; ‘How many states are there in India?’. Though knew the answer he discussed with his team and confidently answered; ” twenty-two” . Daniel’s team gets one point. Next question to Bayo’s team was; ‘What is the capital of India?’ Sham impatiently shouted the the answer saying; ‘Bangalore’. The answer was wrong, so all his teammates shouted on him. But still in the next round he didn’t change his behavior and eventually lost the quiz.
At the end of the quiz, his team walked up to him in annoyance and said to him; “it’s obvious now that the empty barrel that makes the loudest noise”

The writer want from the grandmother kindness and warmth.

She was always in the kitchen because she was weak in mind and limb and could scarcely walk about the house.

According to the passage, the two symptoms of asthma are:
(i) Gasping and breathlessness
(ii) Wild wheezing cries

She fled home with her grief from the sea, shut herself in the store, And threw herself face down on an old Mattress and lay their till night

(i) Adverbial clause
(ii) It modifies the verb “Died’

Grandmother’s Ailment was caused by her lying face down on the old Mattress which had lain in the store for years


(i) Doled out – Gave out
(ii) Shackled – Restricted
(iii) Battled – Struggled
(iv) Draped – Covered
(v) Exhausted – Tired
(vi) Constitution – Health

The activities carried out by the troop in the scatting years are:
(i) The cutting of grasses
(ii) The pumping of bicycle tyres
(iii) The cooking of food
(iv) Keeping Watch at night
(v) The assault course which was devised by the troop.
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