No Electricity In Our Hostels For 5 Months Now – OAU Students

We haven’t had electricity since second week in April. This is a hostel where the least amount paid per room is 250k. The prices range from 250 thousand to 700 thousand and more! So how is it that our transformer spoilt five months ago and nothing has been done about it. How?? It’s so unfair. Many people ask me why I’m still around and if it’s

it’s so hard why don’t I just go home, and that is the wrong question to ask. 

Some of us have to be in Ife for many reasons. I’m here because of work. I have a friend who literally has a business in her room, how can she leave? I know someone who had to move out of her room, even after she had just renewed her rent because she couldn’t cope. It’s pure wickedness on the part of landlords of this overtly expensive hostel. We’ve had to fetch water and carry heavy buckets every single day. We’ve had to look for places to charge every single day, in the process discomforting other innocent people. I am a remote worker who ALWAYS needs electricity, that’s why I settled for maintenance in the first place. 

The worst part is, ASUU strike started AFTER we had already paid our rents, so the landlords don’t have any excuse. They have the money to do this thing. They’re just disinterested because it’s a female hostel and we are known to always be the silent ones. Right? Lol. I’m sure if they have loved ones here, the story might be different. I’m sure if school was in session, they would have done something about it.

Now we know that these people don’t even care about us, and they never have. They are hypocrites! The sad part of this thing is, when any one of us defaults on paying our rent (even just by a week), they’re quick to pounce on us and send us packing. Now it’s time for them to do their jobs and they’ve done nothing for FIVE WHOLE MONTHS.

How do these people sleep at night? Please and please, who ever is reading is, help retweet to pass awareness about this situation. Many of us are tired and we do not know what to do anymore. It’s been too long.

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