NYSC Is 50! Please Tell The World Where You Served

Its a thing of joy and great privilege to serve our fathers land. Several people have stated their own opinion about NYSC, Some said it’s a scam, some said it’s a complete waste of time, and so on, but but to me, I see a things of Joy to serve my father’s Land.

I served my dear country in one of the most beautiful state in the Nigeria, (Akwa Ibom) even though I was not happy about the village I was posted for my PPA but the villagers proved to me that Akwa Ibom people are the most wonderful tribe in Nigeria when it comes to taking care of strangers and cooking the best soup

I served in 2015/2016 batch B stream II at Nkot Nseyen, ikono local Government, Akwa Ibom state and my PPA was nkot Nseyen community secondary school.

If you are privilege to serve in Nkot Nseyen village, your one year service will be full of fun and you will beg federal government to give you extra year

My experience were mostly exciting with the Akwa Ibom people and their soup, I remember I tasted periwinkle soup for the first time there but I shouted when I was unable to break the periwinkle with my teeth, I later learn how to suck it grin

So my fellow Nairalanders, it’s NYSC is 50!!! Please tell the world where and when you served and share your little experience in one sentence

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