P-Square’s Breakup Was Caused By Family Issues – Rudeboy

Nigerian musician, Paul Okoye, popularly known as Rudeboy, has opened up on the issues between him and his brother, Paul aka Mr P, which lead to PSquare breaking up.

After almost five years of separation, the twin brothers reconciled in November 2021, to the surprise of their fans.

In an interview with media personality, Joey Akan, published on Tuesday, Rudeboy revealed that the split was caused by family issues and was not music-related.

Rudeboy stated that despite the anger from fans following the split, he kept mute and didn’t say anything because he knew that the issue was family-related.

According to him, P-Square was “the sacrifice” that was paid for the family issue.

He said,

“I kept silent. I never said anything. I never said anything, because I knew what the problem was. It was a family issue, and it turned out that P-Square had to pay for it. P-Square was just the sacrifice.”

Rudeboy added that due to his love for his family, he does not owe anybody an explanation.

“It was a family issue, it had nothing to do with music. And because I respect family so much, I owe nobody any explanation,” Rudeboy said.

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