Sharing The Sex Tape Of Chrisland Schools Student Can Land You In Jail

The social media has been on standstill with the news of the Chrisland schools pupil that was “gang-raped” by her classmates in Dubai during an international games competition that she and her classmates represented her school in.

As a side note, I have watched the video (the sex video of the little girl and her classmates which are boys, about 4 of them) and it does not seem to me to be rape, it clearly seems to be consensual group sex between the girl and the young boys but the boys made videos of the sex scene and posted it online unless there is something that I am missing. 

That being said, netizens should stop sharing, posting and distributing that video; posting, sharing and distribution of child porn is a crime in Nigeria and other countries of the world that would land you in jail.

This is the provision of s.23 of the cybercrime act, 2015;

S.23 (1) Any person who intentionally uses any computer system or network in or for- (a) producing child pornography;

(b) offering or making available child pornography;

(c) distributing or transmitting child pornography;

(d) procuring child pornography for oneself or for another person;

(e) possessing child pornography in a computer system or on a computer-data storage medium:

commits an offence under this Act and shall be liable on conviction –

(i) in the case of paragraphs (a), (b) and (c) to imprisonment for a term of 10 years or a fine of not more than N20,000,000.00 or to both fine and imprisonment.

Engaging in the production, distribution, and transmission of child pornographic content is a crime punishable with 10 years imprisonment or a fine of N20m or both the fine and the jail term.

Please desist from sharing that video for the sake of the little girl’s future and also for the sake of public morals. 

Stanley Alieke is a legal practitioner based in Abuja.

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