Story About The Late Prof. Felicia Adedoyin, She Wrote The Nigerian National Pledge In 1976

She died on may 1st, 2021. Her died didn’t make headlines and was void of national honor and recognition.

As a Nigerian child born and raised in Nigeria, there is a high chance that you must have recited the Nigerian pledge. At the start of official government events, school assembly and even some office events, this pledge is recited.

However, many who know the pledge, do not know of its author.

Professor Felicia Adedoyin was a University of Lagos professor and was born in Shaki, Oyo State on November 6th 1938.

She was inspired to write the national pledge in 1976 when her children questioned her on why as students in America and Ghana, they could recite the Oath of Allegiance in New York and the State Pledge in Achimota, Ghana but could not recite any pledge of Nigerian national merit whilst in school.

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