UNICAL bans post-exams celebration/reckless driving on campus

The attention of the Management has again been drawn to another ugly, rowdy and and disorderly scene where sighted in their numbers flying strange colours suspected to be secret cult regalia, while others were seen driving recklessly (presumably under the influence of alcohol and drugs) in and around the University premises.

These lawless and dangerous acts being perpetuated by these students in the guise of celebrating their graduation does not portray the University in good light as our students are well known for decency, having being thoroughly trained in cjaraccha and learning. For one, these acts pose grave dangers to other students and members of the university community.

All motorists are advised once again to always observe a speed limit of 40 km while driving on Campus. The Chief Security Officer is by this memo, directed to strictly enforce the letters of this circular and to impound any vehicle that goes against this directive. Thank you!

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