Waec 2022 Animal Husbandry Obj & Essay Question & Answer Now Available.


(ii)Large Intestine
(iii)Small intestine

(i)Inventory record
(ii)Sales record
(iii)Production record
(iv)Purchase record

(i)For farm auditing
(ii)For procurement of loan
(iii)Wheather profit or loss is made
(iv)For taking management decision

(i) consumption of feed
(ii) preying farm animals
(iii) destroying plastic equipment

(i)Use of snap traps
(ii)use of glue board
(iii)use of rodenticide



(Pick Any Three)

(i) Breeds which are not originally present in the home country are introduced
(ii) It enhance greater productivity
(iii) It leads to the absence of pests and diseases
(iv) Breeds may perform better in terms of quality and quantity if they are able to adapt to the local environment.

(Pick Any Three)
(i) selection is tedious and time consuming
(ii) It is very costly in terms of time and money
(iii) It requires expertise which may not be readily available
(iv) it bring about elimination or exclusion of some desirable traits of some parent stock
(v)No new desirable characteristics are introduced

(i) Mass selection
(ii) Progeny selection
(iii) Family selection
(iv) pedigree selection

(i) Body conformation.
(ii) Fertility/breeding ability.
(iii) Adaptability of the breed to the area/hardiness.
(iv) Mothering ability in case of females.
(v) Production potentially yielding capacity.
(vi) Temperament/behaviour, for example: cannibalism egg eating
(vii) Offspring performance.
(viii) Age of animal.
(ix) Growth rate.
(x) Disease resistance

(Pick Any Six)

(i) A good layer has a broad and square head
(ii) It has a short break
(iii)It has a bright and bulging eyes
(iv)It possesses a smooth and lean face
(v)It has a large but thin comb
(vi)It has bright red comb and wattles
(vii)It has soft and pliable abdomen
(viii)There is absence of broodiness
(ix) It possesses a wide, moist cloaca


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