Waec 2022 Biology Obj & Essay Question And Answer Now Available

A cell can be defined as the basic structural and functional unit of life. All living organism are made up of cells

(i) Robert Hooke
(ii) Felix Dujardin
(iii) Mathias Schleiden


Red blood cell

It does not replicate itself but rather die off

(i) Nucleus
(ii) Cell membrane
(iii) Cytoplasm
(iv) Chloroplast
(v) Mitochondrion
(vi) Golgi body


(i) Absence of canine
(ii) Presence of diastema
(iii) Weak molar

(i) Presence of canine
(ii) Absence of diastema
(iii) Strong molar

(i) Absence of diastema
(ii) Presence of canine
(iii) Presence of upper incisors
(iv) Presence of upper premolar

(i) Presence of diastema
(ii) Absence of canine
(iii) Absence of upper incisors
(iv) Absence of upper premolar

Milk teeth are the first set of teeth that grows in an infant when they want to start feeding on solid food. It starts to grow 6months after birth. There 20 milk teeth


(i) Straight
(ii) Simple
(iii) It feeds on fluid

(i) Curve
(ii) More enveloped
(iii) It feeds on both fluid and solid

(i)Possession of crop
(ii)Possession of gizzard
(iii)Possession of pharynx

(i) Water cycle
(ii) – Plant contribute through transpiration
– Animals contribute through respiration
– Animals contribute through perspiration
– X: Condensation
– Y: Transpiration
– Z: Evaporation


(i) Kidney
(ii) Skin

(i) Kidney stones, diuresis and oedema
(ii) Eczema, acne, vitiligo

This is a process whereby heterotrophic organisms utilize the remains of one living tissue as a source of nutrition

(i) Fungi
(ii) Bacteria


Carbon cycle

They exhibit heterotrophic nutrition known as carnivorous or insectivorous feeding. They have attractive colours that attracts insects to them. Once the insect lands in their spine, they are killed and digested

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