Waec Gce 2022 Biology Obj & Essay Question And Answer Now Available


Agama Lizard

I – Eye
II – Ear drum
III – Scale
IV – Claw
V – Hind limb

Terrestrial habitat

(i) Dry scale on the body for protection
(ii) Fore limb and hind limb for movement
(iii) Eye for vision

Presence of mouth for feeding


(i) Brightly red coloured head.
(ii) Presence of gular fold

class Reptalia

Presence of dry scaly body

Marine habitat

(i) Intertidal zone
(ii) Littoral zone
(iii) Benthic zone
(iv) Abyssal zone


The Sun provides an energy source for the photosynthetic processes of phytoplankton, on which most life in the sea depends.


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