Waec Gce Second Series 2022 Civic Education Question And Answer Now Available








Instruction:- Answer 4 Questions In All!
At least 1 Questions In Each Section


Section A:-

Law and Order is a condition in which the existing rules, regulations, norms and related legal codes are recognized and observed for the sustenance of peace, orderliness and security of lives and property in society.

[Pick Any SIX]
(i) It ensures peace and harmony in the society.
(ii) It guarantees security of life and property of Nigerians.
(iii) It promotes orderly behaviour of citizens.
(iv) It ensures social stability in human relationships among Nigerians.
(v) It promotes socio-economic development.
(vi) It promotes effective function of societal institutions.
(vii) It promotes accountability of the government to the governed.
(viii) It ensures tolerance of other peoples opinion or views.
(ix) It ensures obedience to constituted authorities.


National consciousness is the awareness that one belongs to ethnic or political nation.National consciousness is also refers as the feeling of necessary social cohesion which establishes a unique character ,image and identify for a nation.


(i)Non-discrimination and tolerance :This is the act of not seeing difference in people and the ability to endure with work or people without complaining. This promotes national consciousness, national integrity and unity.

(i)Honesty: This is the act of being firm at one’s self and affairs of the state. It helps to curb fraudulent practices, bribery and corruption which are the tools for ruining one’s nation.

(iii) Responsibility: This is act of taking charge of work or affairs of the state without hesitation or being forced to do so

(iv) Non- Absenteeism: This is the act of being present at work or affairs of the state whenever the need arises and at all times.

(v)Punctuality and promptness: This means being early at work or any assignments. This is the act of keeping to time. It does not promote integrity whenever we fail to keep to time on any matter arising.

(vi) Justices, equity and fairness: Promoting equity , justices , fairness and equality among the ethnic groups, institutions and people in Nigeria


Section B:-

(i) Taking the recommended Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) drugs as at when due.
(ii) Eating balanced diet.
(iii) Staying positive about survival.
(iv) Engaging in productive exercises.
(v) Discouraging stigmatization of People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHAS).

(i) Abstinence from illicit sex.
(ii) Faithfulness to partners.
(iii) Continuous education of people on HIV, its spreads, it effects and prevention by government and non-governmental organizations.
(iv) Injection needles should be used once and disposed off.
(v) People should not share sharp objects like clippers, razors, etc.
(vi) Blood should be tested thoroughly before transfusion.


Section C:-

( PICK ANY 3 )
(i) Professionalization of Public Service/recruitment of qualified personnel
(ii) Improved working conditions/standard of living
(iii) Adherence to merits in appointments, promotion and discipline.
(iv) Effective legislative oversight function

(i) It advices in the formulation of the policies of government.
(ii) It implements government policies.
(iii) It advises the government.
(iv) It creates employment opportunities.
(v) It performs delegated /legislative functions.
(vi) It provides essential services at cheaper rates.
(vii) It acts as governmental agent to the general public.

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