Waec GCE Second Series Agricultural Science Practical Question And Answer Now Available

iii: Minerals
iv: Organic matter

iii: 45%
iv: 5%


For II
(i)Water helps in the germination of seeds.
(ii) Water helps in the process of photosynthesis by which plants prepare their food.
(iii) Water helps in the transport of nutrients and minerals from the soil to the plants.
(iv) Water helps in the maintenance of the plant structure by providing the appropriate pressure to the plant tissues

For IV.
(i)improving physical, chemical, and biological functions in the soil.
(ii) It helps in improving soil structure.
(iii)It helps in increasing the water-holding capacity of sandy soil.
(iv)It gives energy and nutrients to soil organisms


(i))Kitchen rafter with fire under Neath

Cereal grains


Because the storage can be used to store Yam, cassava, coco yam, hence they are practice by peasant farmers

(i) Use breakaway crossties.
(ii) Keep hay and shavings away from the main barn whenever possible.
(iii) Dust and remove cobwebs
(iv) Dressing the barn appropriately.
(v)Maintain proper lighting throughout the building.

(i)They need less area to store the same amount of material than if it were stored in a horizontal warehouse.
(ii)Products are stored in optimal conditions.


(i)the crops are not grouped on the way how they should be planted
(ii)they didn’t study the optimum length of safety in the field
(iii)the crops are not sensitive to pests and disease causing pathogens

Under year

-Under plot 1-
|Cassava| maize |yam| cowpeas|

-Under Plot 2-
|Maize| yam |cowpeas| cassava|

-Under plot 3-

-Under plot 4-
|Cowpeas|cassava|maize| yam|

Being a leguminous plant, it helps to fix atmospheric nitrogen into the soil; It helps to control erosion because of its growth habits.

(i)Increases Soil Fertility
(ii)Increases Crop Yield
(iii)Increases Soil Nutrients


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