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A, B, AB, O


The scrotum hangs outside the body because it needs to maintain a slightly lower temperature than the rest of the body. Low temperature enhances sperm formation.


After the transfer of pollen grains from anther to stigma, the ovary become fertilized. The ovules become seeds and the ovary enlarges to contain them, forming the fruit. The ovary wall becomes the fruit wall or pericarp.




Amoeba is a microscopic organism which has fingerlike known as pseudopodia. Nutrition in an Amoeba occurs through a process called phagocytosis. The amoeba extends its pseudopodia around the food and engulfs it. The food is trapped in the food vacuole where it is digested by the digestive enzyme and finally the food is absorbed and distributed all through the body.


(i) Carbon dioxide

(ii) Water

(iii) Sunlight

(iv) Chlorophyll


Pulmonary circulation moves blood between the heart and the lungs. It transports deoxygenated blood to the lungs to absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide. The oxygenated blood then flows back to the heart.


(i) Sexual reproduction creates diversity in genetic makeup.

(ii) In sexual reproduction both parents are involved hence offspring get attributes of both parents.

(iii) Organisms produced by sexual reproduction have a greater survival rate as compared to asexual reproduction as organisms have variation which is adapted to various environments.

(iv) They are less likely to be affected by various diseases.


(i) Boiling: The microbes present in food items can be killed by boiling. This method is often used for milk and water which kills the microbes present in them.

(ii) Dehydration: In this process, the water content present in the food items are removed, in the absence of which microbes cannot grow. Cereals and pulses are preserved in this method.

(iii) Canning: In this process the food items are stored in airtight cans to avoid spoiling. Fish, vegetables, jams and cooked food are preserved by this method.

(iv) Pasteurization: This method involves heating a foodstuff to a high temperature and then cooling it rapidly. Commercially available milk is generally preserved by pasteurization.


(i) seeking sunshade or huddling together for warmth

(ii) sweating

(iii) shrinking

(iv) shivering


(i) Opportunity to increase components of milk-beneficial in component milk pricing schemes

Fitness traits tend to have the greatest benefit from hybrid vigor




(Pick any five)

(i) Reproduction is sexual and fertilization is internal/viviparous

(ii) Skin covered with hair/fur or wool

(iii) Have heterodont dentition. i.e. they have different set of teeth

(iv) Have external ear called pinnae

(v) Have a well-developed brain

(vi) Have a welled-developed heart

(vii) Well-developed sense organs

(viii) Bilaterally symmetrical



(i)External intercostal muscles contract and internal intercostal muscles relax

(ii) Ribs move up and out pushing the sternum upwards and forward

(iii) Diaphrahm muscles contract and diaphragm flattens

(iv) The processes above increases the volume of the thorax which eventually decreases air pressure in the lungs than the atmospheric pressure

(v) Decrease in air pressure in the lungs makes atmospheric air rush into the lungs


(i) Internal intercostal muscles contract an external intercostal muscles relax

(ii) Ribs move down moving the sternum downwards and inwards

(iii) Diaphragm muscles relax and the diaphragm is raised

(iv) Volume of the thorax decreases and thereby increasing air presuure in the lungs than the atmospheric pressure

(v) Increased air pressure forces air out of the lungs


(Pick any two)

(i) It is the medium of diffusion of food materials from the maother to the foetus

(ii) It produces hormones including oestrogen and progesterone which maintain pregnancy

(iii) It serves as the surface for diffusion of oxygen from the mother to the foetus

(iv) It is the medium of diffusion of metabolic wastes from the foetus to the mother for elimination


(i) Borgu game reserve

(ii) Yankari game reserve

(iii) Falgore game reserve

(iv) Zugurma game reserve




(Pick any three)

(i) Fertilization can be either internal or external

(ii) Fertilization occurs after pollination

(iii) Fertilization is a genetic and biochemical process

(iv) In fertilization external factors are not requires.

(v) In fertlization pollen tubes are formed for transferring male gametes into an egg


(Pick any three)

(i) Pollination Is An External Process

(ii) Pollination takes place before fertilization

(iii) Pollination is a physical process

(iv) In pollination external factors are required

(v) In pollination pollen tube is not required

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